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What kind of material does European bathroom cabinet choose?

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European style bathroom cabinet emphasizes the change of linear flow. It is based on Romanticism in form, with light and delicate curve decoration. The effect is elegant and cordial. European palaces and families all prefer this style.

Material: particleboard. This kind of material is made of wood scraps, and its quality is not good. Of course, if you ask a businessman what kind of European bathroom cabinet is generally made of, he will tell you that it is solid wood, because this material is pasted with anti-counterfeiting paper by a bad merchant, and the edge is covered with other materials, and then processed with various colors of paint, it can be confused with the real one. You must pay attention to it.

Material 2: Blockboard. It is made of solid wood. There are different kinds of wood, so the price is different. The compressive strength varies greatly due to different wood species and production process. For example, if the surface paint is not well done, it will crack when exposed to the sun and humidity.

Material 3: Oak board. Oak has a unique wood grain, heartwood rot resistance, high density, hard texture. The household products made of oak have the advantages of solemn and dignified mahogany furniture. But the price is much lower than mahogany, is the ideal material for making bathroom cabinet.

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