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Four purchase strategies of bathroom cabinet

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The storage capacity of different bathroom cabinets is different. The bigger the bathroom cabinet is, the more it can be contained. On the contrary, some smart and unique bathroom cabinets can save space skillfully. Consumers can choose a bathroom cabinet alone, or several bathroom cabinets can be used together. As long as you can make your bathroom space become spacious and bright, how to build can be.

1. The mirror cabinet has a great function of hiding mystery

Before entering the bathroom, looking at the dishwashing table full of disorderly toiletries, there will always be a sense of confusion. But if you take a closer look, you will find that the washing table is clean. In fact, it is the mirror that is "making trouble". Because at first glance, an ordinary mirror, in fact, has already hidden the mystery. Those who like new ideas and want to save space must not miss the bathroom cabinet with mirror cabinet. Open the mirror from one side, and you can put all kinds of common toiletries, cosmetics, perfume and so on. After taking it out, close the mirror again to restore its original appearance, which is quite convenient.

2. The concealed bathroom cabinet is practical and beautiful

If you want to make the storage of the whole space stronger, in addition to the more distinctive mirror cabinet, you can also choose to do "hands and feet" on the wall. A hidden bathroom cabinet can choose to pull the window type structure, you can put the bath liquid, shampoo and other toiletries into it, greatly saving the space of the washing table. If there are not many things in the bathroom, you can also add some sentiment to the bathroom. Open the "window" and put some flowers and plants in a small basin, the overall quality of the bathroom will be improved instantly. Even "close the window" does not matter, because the monotonous wall has the characteristic "decoration" embellishment, the environment is more unique.

3. Table top mobile cabinet is a good helper for convenience and dexterity

For people who like convenient and flexible home, a small cabinet with movable table top is the best helper. The small and flexible mobile storage cabinet can be placed under the washing table. If you don't want to take it out, it will be used as a fixed bathroom cabinet; if you want to move to other places, especially when there are some bulky large objects, the mobile cabinet can be moved to the side of you "on call", which is labor-saving and convenient.

4. The bathroom cabinet with small cabinet is easy to take

For some ladies who love beauty, they spend a lot of time by the mirror in the bathroom cabinet every morning. Washing, makeup, combing, perfume and contact lenses must be done before the mirror. However, all kinds of items need to be put on the washing table, which greatly affects the beauty of the bathroom. On the other hand, it is easy for these items to get wet and moldy by accidentally touching water. Therefore, the bathroom cabinet with a separate cabinet beside the mirror will be put into use, and the articles for washing and dressing will be placed on the separate cabinet in turn. With the convenience of standing in front of the mirror and taking whatever you want, the compact morning will become pleasant and leisurely, and at the same time, it will make the whole space more tidy and not messy.
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